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Services We Provide
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Our staff includes experienced, certified scrub techs and nurses. Our experienced team of scrub techs and circulating nurses have a range of specialties including spine, totals joints & scopes, ENT/plastics, and podiatry (and neuro at hospitals). We also work closely with several anesthesiologists and PA’s who are available for surgery. Our staff will save you from hiring W2 employees and we will also help train your current staff if needed.


  • Amniotic Fluid
  • Amniotic Membrane


  • Bone Plug
  • Cancellous Chips
  • Cancellous Cubes
  • Cancellous Plug – Saline
  • Cortical Cancellous Chips
  • Cortical Strut
  • Cotton Wedge
  • Evans Wedge
  • Fascia
  • Femur Condyle Hemi – Frozen
  • Femur Distal – Frozen
  • Femoral Head – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Femoral Head – Irrad/Frozen
  • Femur Plate
  • Femur Proximal without head –   Frozen
  • Femur Proximal with head – Frozen
  • Femur Segment
  • Femur Shaft
  • Femur Shaft Bisected
  • Fibula, Segment
  • Fibular, Segment
  • Humerus Segment
  • Humerus Shaft
  • Ilium Tricortial Wedge
  • Ilium Strip BiCortical
  • Ilium Strip Tricortical
  • Patellar Wedge
  • Percardium
  • Radius Segment
  • Radius Shaft
  • Rib
  • Tibia Plate Flat
  • Tibia Plate
  • Tibia Segment
  • Tibia Shaft
  • Tricortical Block
  • Ulna Segment
  • Ulna Shaft

Demineralized Bone Matrix:

  • DBM Cancellous Chips
  • DBM Putty
  • DBM Putty with Chips

Dermal Matrix:

  • Acellular Dermis – Frozen


  • Novogro


  •  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP)


  • Cervical Spacer Composite – Frozen ( Corital and Corital Plus Cancellous Options)
  • PLIF Bone


  • Achilles Tendon with Bone Block – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Achilles Tendon with Bone Block – Irrad/Frozen
  • Achilles Tendon without Bone Block – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Achilles Tendon without Bone Block – Irrad/Frozen
  • Achilles Tendon with Bone Block, PreShaped – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Achilles Tendon with Bone Block, PreShaped – Irrad/Frozen
  • Gracilis – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Gracilis – Irrad/Frozen
  • Meniscus, Medical – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Meniscus, Medial – Irrad/Frozen
  • Meniscus, Lateral – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Meniscus, Lateral – Irrad/Frozen
  • Meniscus, Whole – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Meniscus, Whole – Irrad/Frozen
  • Patellar Ligament, Pre-Shaped – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Patellar Ligament, Pre-Shaped – Irrad/Frozen
  • Patellar Ligament, Hemi – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Patellar Ligament, Hemi – Irrad/Frozen
  • Patellar Ligament, Whole – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Patellar Ligament, Whole – Irrad/Frozen
  • Peroneus Longus Tendon – Non – Irr/Frozen
  • Peroneus Longus Tendon – Irrad/Frozen
  • Semi-Tendinosus – Non-Irr/Fozen
  • Semi-Tendinosus – Irrad/Frozen
  • Semi-Tendinosus with Gracilis – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Semi-Tendinosus with Gracilis – Irrad/Frozen
  • Tibialis Tendon Anterior – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Tibialis Tendon Anterior – Irrad/Frozen
  • Tibialis Tendon Posterior – Non-Irr/Frozen
  • Tibialis Tendon Posterior – Irrad/Frozen

Items such as surgical microscopes, C-arms, tables, anesthesiology machines, high speed drills, etc., can be provided for rental or purchase, both new or guaranteed refurbished with warranties. We offer rent-to-own programs and financing plans.

Including packs, drapes, drill bits, distraction pins and much more to fully outfit your operating room.

Any surgical instruments, retractors, and endoscopes can be provided for rental or purchase at the most competitive rate and highest quality. The instrumentation is all from Tuttlingen, Germany. Both new and refurbished options are available. We are contracted with most GPO’s

Benefits of Renting Medical Equipment

Surgical Evolution has specialized in outfitting healthcare facilities with quality, new & refurbished medical equipment and disposables. We have become a market leader in Southern California due to our commitment to industry advancements; while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Surgical Evolution’s goal is to fulfill all our client’s surgical needs. With one of the largest and most diversified medical equipment inventories, we have the capability to exceed those of our competitors. Surgical Evolution’s Rental Program was established to assist the medical industry with critical care equipment. Regardless of the size, location, or financial circumstances of your facility, we can provide you with the healthcare equipment you need at an affordable cost.

When comparing a rental vs purchase situation one must take into consideration the many benefits of renting. Renting medical equipment can offer the ability to quickly acquire needed equipment without hindering operational cash flow. In today’s medical business cash flow is one of the most important operational measures. By renting you have the ability to keep your money working for you and not sitting in costly medical devices that become outdated with each new year.

Some additional benefits include:
  • Ability to access equipment without capital outlay
  • Low Monthly Rental Payments – Rent for less than purchasing
  • Low Down Payments – Renting provides you the ability to preserve capital for other areas of your business
  • New Specialties – Renting equipment allows you to start a new specialty at your facility with little capital investment. This ensures equipment availability to meet immediate needs
  • Try Something Out Prior To Buying – Not sure you will like a specific make and model? Renting provides a chance to try it before you make the purchase
  • No Maintenance Costs – Surgical Evolution covers all equipment maintenance and repairs during the rental period. So you will never have any downtime due to repairs or preventative maintenance
  • Operational Expense – A medical equipment rental can be written off as an overhead expense and often result in better tax breaks
  • Ability To Upgrade – You can upgrade your medical equipment at any time to something newer. Gives you the freedom from technical obsolescence
Why Rent from Surgical Evolution?
  • Short, long term, and rent-to-own rental programs available
  • 24/7 dedicated 800 number for all rental equipment orders
  • Earn Equity In Your Rental – Apply 30% of your rental fees towards the purchase of the system (valid on monthly and rent to own rentals)
  • Month to Month Rental Terms – You’re never locked into long term rental contracts
  • In House Service – We offer in house service technicians for fast maintenance and repair times, along with serving your staff.
  • Knowledgeable Staff – Surgical Evolution’s staff is comprised of individuals with real clinical medical experience that understand your needs for your specific types of procedures
  • Competitive Pricing – We will meet or beat any of our competitors pricing on rentals
  • In House Courier Service – We have a 24/7 courier team ready to meet any last minute demand
Lumbar/ Cervical Spine Rentals
  • Leica Microscope Rental
  • Lumbar Spine Instruments Tray
  • Cervical Spine Instruments Tray
  • Wilson Prone Positioning Frame
  • Allen portable Jackson Table
  • Mayfield Head positioner
  • Anspach Spine Drill system
  • Medtronic Metrx Minimally Invasive Tube Set
  • Omni Anterior Retractor
  • McCulloch Lumbar Retractor
  • Tedan ML-2000 Minimally Invasive Tube set
  • Shadowline Cervical Retractor
  • Blackbelt Cervical Retractor
  • Table Mounted Arm for Retractors
  • Karlin Cervical Curettes Full set
  • Codman Microsect Neuro Curettes
  • Enova Doctor Headlight
  • Dura Repair Tray
Ortho Extremity Rentals
  • Smith and Nephew Beach chair w/face mask
  • Smith and Nephew spyder arm holder with kit
  • Smith and Nephew pump machine with tubing
  • Smith and Nephew arthocare system
  • Smith and Nephew Dyonics Shaver system
  • Smith and Nephew Shoulder repair tray
  • Styker System 7 Power set
  • Styker Arthroscopy Instruments Tray with 4mm scope
  • Styker Arthroscopy Tower
  • Styker Arthroscopy camera
  • Lateral leg post
  • Arthroscopy light cord
  • Tourniquet Rental
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Machine

Get The Equipment You Need Now; Pay Later!

Overcome Budget Restraints

A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Renting allows for the acquisition of needed equipment today while allowing you to keep your funds available.

Preserve Liquidity & Cash Flow

Leasing helps you keep your existing cash while maintaining and expanding your business credit profile. We can finance 100% of the equipment cost with affordable monthly payments on your terms and without a down payment or security deposit.

Tax Advantages

When the potential tax benefits of leasing are coupled with the conservation of working capital, leasing can be cheaper than paying cash for equipment (Section 179 of IRS Code)

Maximize Buying Power

Your payment will not change for the duration of the lease. This means that regardless of inflation or increased prices, what you pay today will be the same 3, 4 and 5 years down the road.

Other Features & Benefits

Foremost offers leasing options on both New & Recertified equipment!
Defer your lease payments for up to three (3) months!

Cervical Plating Systems

Cervical Anterior Interbodies:

  • Cervical Peek Interbody
  • Cervical Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • Cervical Titanium Interbody
  • Cervical Expandable Interbody

Cervical Anterior Standalone Interbodies:

  • Cervical Peek Interbody
  • Cervical Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • Cervical Titanium Interbody

Cervical Artifical Disc Replacement (ADR)

Corpectomy Cages with Expandable options

Facet & SI Fusion Systems

Kyphoplasty & Vertebralplasty Systems

Lumbar Anterior Interbodies:

  • Anterior Peek Interbody
  • Anterior Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • Anterior Titanium Interbody

Lumbar Anterior Standalone Interbodies:

  • Lumbar Peek Interbody
  • Lumbar Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • Lumbar Titanium Interbody

Lumbar Artifical Disc Replacement ADR

Lumbar Posterior Interbodies:

  • Lumbar Peek Interbody
  • Lumbar Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • Lumbar Titanium Interbody
  • Lumbar Expandable Interbody

Lumbar Posterier Interbodies:

  • TLIF Peek Interbody
  • PLIF Peek Interbody
  • TPLIF Peek Interbody
  • TLIF Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • PLIF Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • TPLIF Peek Plasma Coated Interbody
  • TLIF Titanium Interbody
  • PLIF Titanium Interbody
  • TPLIF Titanium Interbody
  • TLIF Expandable Interbody
  • PLIF Expandable Interbody
  • TPLIF Expandable Interbody

Pedicle Screws:

  • Cannulated
  • Corditcal
  • Fenestrated
  • MIS
  • Mono-Axial
  • Poly-Axial
  • Pre-Sterile Packed
  • Reduction

Posterior Cervical Pedicle Screw Systems

Universal Solutions for Endoscopic Surgery

XLIF Systems

Everything necessary for performing all spine and orthopedic surgeries can be rented to provide your surgeon with the level of quality experienced at a hospital, without the need to purchase the equipment. A certified scrub tech familiar with all the equipment and specializing in the surgery at hand can accompany the rental as a consultant and/or assistant to your staff. We’ll provide contingency plans as well in case of an unforeseen emergency such as a dural tear, so that your patient’s safety is assured.

Our Guarantee

There are many ways we can bundle these offerings. When implementing multiple facets of these services, an economy of scale is accomplished and greater price reductions are possible. We designed this model specifically to become a center’s greatest asset. We have the unique ability to get creative with pricing reductions based on usage. We view ourselves as a hospital on wheels.