Mission Statement

Surgical Evolution is a leading medical technology company dedicated to helping healthcare professionals perform their jobs more efficiently while enhancing patient care. It’s the mission of Surgical Evolution to provide the highest quality products and service to our customers while offering the lowest pricing, based on the purchasing power of our organization. Our goal is to give our customers bundled pricing for the services rendered and quantity of products needed. The health care industry is constricting, and we believe we are building the model of the future. We give our customers the ability to stay competitive while maintaining top level service and offering a diverse array of innovative medical technologies. We can truly be your “one stop shop” for all spinal surgical needs.

Core Focus

Purpose/Cause/Passion: Be a reliable asset for every aspect of spine surgery

Our Niche: Spine surgery products & services

Our Guarantee: Single point of contact for all spinal surgery needs

Three Uniques:

  1. Rentals & purchase for new/used equipment
  2. Comprehensive clinical consultations & guidance
  3. 24 hour courier service

Core Values

As a definition, company core values are the clearly stated principles about the organization’s vision, mission, and principles. That way, everyone is aligned around a guiding philosophy to serve employees, customers, and the broader community.  That can also double as the definition of company culture.

We use our core values as a tool to hire, fire, recognize, reward and celebrate people based on whether they live our Core Values or not.

Our Core Values and What They Mean To Us:

Give credit to others when the team does well.  Offer to help someone who is struggling at a task.  Volunteer to do something nobody else wants to do. Take time to mentor “the new guy/girl”. If you see something that needs to get done regardless if it’s your job, don’t ignore it. The team always comes first. 

They’re patient, this patience stems from the knowledge that every problem has an investable solution. . Building a strong network, a resourceful person’s network is crucial to their problem-solving, as our colleagues  are often the greatest resource of all.  They’re creative, when a roadblock gets in the way, a creative mind deciphers an efficient and outside-the-box method for getting around it.  They take initiative, solving a problem or simply doing a job better involves stepping up with suggestions without being asked to do so.  It’s going the extra mile to evaluate resources and how to proceed.  They’re confident, venturing off into being a resourceful problem-solver takes confidence.  It means taking initiative, which isn’t easy for an employee who’s insecure in their abilities.  Resourcefulness is all about diving headfirst into a situation and believing that you’ll succeed in your efforts.  They’re always learning more, resourceful people understand that learning more information deepens their pool of resources to pull from when needed. Instead of asking someone for the solution they first try to figure it out with all the resources available.

You ALWAYS do what’s best for the patient and never make any decisions based on profit.  Doing the right thing especially when nobody is watching.  You can be the top earner in our company but if you operate unethically, you don’t meet our culture and will be asked to leave the organization.

Don’t take things personally, don’t get defensive or think that you always must justify your thinking and actions. Remain courageous, if you fear adverse circumstances, you not only put yourself in a position of vulnerability, but it becomes extremely difficult to act rationally and focus.  When you panic, you mentally freeze.  If you begin to get fearful, ask yourself: What is the worst possible thing that can happen?  When you have the will and confidence to face that, you will realize that the situation is manageable and can be resolved.  Respond decisively, if you come off unsure or have a lack of confidence you will project incompetence.  At the same time if you don’t know something, don’t guess!  Take the heat, apologize for not being able to answer the question and take appropriate actions to get the customer the info requested ASAP. Take accountability, when you assume accountability, you begin to neutralize the problem and place the environment from which it sprung on pause. Be willing to listen and remain vulnerable. 

Making assumptions can be very problematic, we should never assume anything, we should always double check, or do the research to make sure we have all the facts.  Assuming is a form of laziness, which can cause us more hassle and pain further down the road. In the medical industry if you make a mistake it could cost us the opportunity, no second chances. Regarding anyone who can affect the outcome of your career, you should always confirm they got their job done instead of assuming they did.  If they did not do their job, it is also your fault for not confirming. This is the mentality you need to find success in the medical industry.

By staying strong, smiling often and authentically exhibiting a sense of compassion.  A positive attitude can neutralize chaos and allow you to course correct through any negativity.  We all have our ups and downs but always try to approach every situation from a loving/positive perspective.  Always avoid interactions when you are coming from a negative perspective.  Take a day to reflect to avoid emotional reactions.  It helps to practice putting yourself in the other person’s shoes trying to understand their unique perspective.  Don’t just see the world through your eyes and experiences.

To work hard relentlessly in the face of discomfort to achieve your goals. Ask yourself these 3 questions: How else can I contribute? What can I do better?  Who can help?  Hustling is really about moving and shaking, about seeking opportunity around every corner, and in every conversation, wherever you can find it.  Promote yourself, don’t fear the critics, make connections, take what you need, carry yourself with confidence, be an asset, embrace authenticity, create opportunities, hone your street smarts, never make excuses, fail hard and often. 

Say what you mean, mean what you say and do what you say you’ll do! Underpromise and overdeliver.  If you tell someone you will do something, you ALWAYS honor that agreement and timeline. Never under any circumstance agree to something that you can’t deliver on.